MashApp ZapierCreate a new Conversion Goal in MashApp with a Zapier template

Create a new Conversion Goal in MashApp with a Zapier template

With Zapier templates you can quickly pull your important conversion successes onto your MashApp calendar to view against the Marketing Campaigns driving those goals. The templates will walk you step by step through connecting your accounts quickly!

Choose your Conversion Goal

Head to to choose the conversion goal you'd like to start with. In this example we'll look at pulling in new MailChimp subscribers. 

Learn a little more about how the tools will integrate and what apps are involved then click to 'create this zap'.

Click 'continue' to confirm New Subscriber as the trigger.

Connect your MailChimp account if you haven't already.

Confirm the MailChimp account you want to use in case you're using more than one MailChimp account. Click 'Save + Continue'

Use the drop down to select which List you want to watch for then select to 'continue'

Click 'Fetch & Continue' to test out the MailChimp connection. You'll need a recent action that matches your trigger in order to test.

Once successful, click 'Continue'

Confirm you want to add these actions to your MashApp Calendar as a conversion goal

Set up the conversion details as you'd like to see them on your calendar. You can keep with our template pre-sets or edit as needed. Click 'Continue' when complete.

'Send Test to MashApp' to make sure all is working as planned.

Once the test is successful you can click to 'Finish'

Expand your calendar by 'Making another Zap'

Head over to your MashApp calendar to see how your new conversion goals will appear in the calendar. Click the calendar item for more details.