MashApp ZapierCreate a Marketing Campaign using a Zapier template

Create a Marketing Campaign using a Zapier template

We've created numerous templates to help you add your existing accounts to MashApp through Zapier lickety split! These templates allow us to quickly add in your information while taking the guess work out of what goes where. The connection can be updated at any time so dive in and add a few templates to get moving quickly. 

Start at

Choose the integration you'd like to add to your account. In this example we'll look at adding  new instagram posts to MashApp as marketing campaigns.

Confirm you want to create the Zap

You'll see how the integration works as well as the individual apps involved in the integration.

Confirm the Trigger (what causes the action to start)

Press Continue

Connect your account if you haven't already

For any accounts you want connected to Zapier you'll need to connect your accounts.

Each account will require their own authorization and should detail what information will be shared.

You can update the name of the connected account if you'd like which is always helpful if you're working with different accounts from the same app. You can also test to help make sure things are working as planned. Click 'Save+Continue'

Click continue or check out the advanced options which vary by app.

Zapier will want to test the connection by looking for recent activity that matches the trigger point. Click Fetch & Continue.

Continue after your successful test is complete.

Set up your Marketing Campaign

Now we'll walk through telling MashApp how you want to handle the data it receives from your other app through Zapier. Again, the template will walk you through step by step.

Confirm that you want the data added as a marketing campaign on your MashApp calendar.

You'll be reminded of which MashApp account you're currently connected to.

No need for changes unless you have a specific way you want the information displayed. 

Review how the data from the integrated app will appear on your MashApp calendar & click 'Continue'

Send a test Marketing Campaign to MashApp

Zapier will confirm if your test was successful. Click Finish.

Your Zap will be turned on and go live! Zapier will let you know the frequency with which your zaps will be checked. Add in more connections by clicking on 'Make another Zap'.

Check out your MashApp calender to see the new Marketing Campaign you've created

Either from your Google Calendar or from within your MashApp account, check out your calendar to see the new Marketing Campaign live on your calendar complete with details.