MashApp MashApp and Google CalendarWhat do the calendar entries mean?

What do the calendar entries mean?

The entries in the calendar are based off of the information you give us when creating the account. We watch the pages you've told us mean a success for you!

Google Analytics

When conneting with Google Analytics we ask for a specific page you'd like us to track. Visits to that page are considered conversions and will be listed as such in the calendar. For example, if you want to watch the number of successful signups for a new product - you'll likely want to have us watch for the page that shows immediately after someone has successfully signed up, generally a thank you page.

In the calendar we'll tell you exactly how many people reached that page in total for the day.

To be reminded of what page in particular you chose to monitor, click on the event in the calendar and we'll open the setting page. There you can see a reminder about what page we're watching and details on how to change it.


MailChimp is more straight foward. We monitor all campaign activity in the account and report on the campaigns sent.

To see more information about the event click on the event in the calendar and then select 'more details'.

We'll display additional details about when the campaign was sent, how many people the campaign was sent to, the name of the campaign and the subject line of the Campaign.