MashApp MashAppCreate a MashApp account

Create a MashApp account

Creating a MashApp account is quick and easy with Google. Currently accounts can only be created via Google as it's vital to connect to a Google Calendar.

Head to the Sign up page

Head over to to create your account. Click on 'Sign in with Google' to get started.

Sign in to your Google Account

You'll be triggered to either choose your Google account from your list of available accounts or sign in to your Google accout.

Account is connected and integrated with Google Calendar

Your Google Calendar is automatically connected! And now you're off and running. Next up is choosing the integrations you'd like to connect with.

Account not getting created? You likely have 3rd party cookies blocked in your browser settings. Check out the article for details on how to either allow all 3rd party cookies or create a one time exception.

Add more integrations

Connect additional integrations like

Google Analytics & MailChimp

See your Calendar in action!