MashApp MashApp and Google CalendarHow does MashApp integrate with Google Calendar

How does MashApp integrate with Google Calendar

Connect your Google Calendar with MashApp and you'll soon enjoy an automated house for all of your Sales & Marketing efforts. MashApp will pull the details from your integrated sales and marketing apps and display them concisely on your calendar.

What information shows on the calendar?

MashApp will automatically pull in details from your connected apps and share them to your calendar. Conversion are the site visits you asked us to track in Google Analytics. MailChimp will notify you of campaigns sent. If there is no entry on a particular day that is because no qualifying event occured - no conversions or campaigns sent for example.

When do entries show on the calendar?

Calendar entries that happen at a specific time, like MailChimp campaigns sent, will appear pretty quickly after the event occurs. Calendar entries that mark totals for the day, like total conversions in Google Analytics, will not occur until the next day.