MashApp MashApp and Google AnalyticsConnecting Google Analytics to MashApp

Connecting Google Analytics to MashApp

By connecting with Google Analytics MashApp can help monitor the success of your marketing efforts. You tell us which pages to watch and we'll track when the conversions on those page are compelted! We'll tally your success

Configuration Page

On the Configuration page click 'Connect' next to Google Analytics


Configure your Google Analytics account

Click on 'Measure Pageview' to tell us select the metrics you want us to measure.

Select which Profile to Watch

You may be watching a couple of different sites and profiles in Google Analytics, or just one. Tell us which web account, property & profile you'd like us to watch. Next Press 'Continue'

Tell us which page is a success indicator for your team

Tell us which page in particular denotes success for you. This is likely a page that thanks a customer for a purchase or let's a customer know they have successfully created an account.

Click 'Continue' when complete

See which pages you are connected to

That's it! You are now connected to and monitoring your web success pages through Google Analytics. You'll have a running view of your conversions at your fingertips.